online slipcover tutorial

Every model I add to the website you will have full access to each full tutorial, I will walk you through each tutorial showing exactly how to create the perfect fitted cover. Every chair or sofa is set out in very easy to follow lessons clearly and concisely set out.

You just need to watch the video copy me and pause you cannot fail to create the perfectly fitted cover "I promise" just see our members feedback on our blog pages. All I ask is that you can sew (I am not a sewing course) this course is for people with a knowledge of sewing. A lot of my members are professional cover makers who want to improve on their skills I also have many amateur and first time cover makers, in fact some of my first timers have now decided to venture into starting their own business! Yes ! this is perfectly possible I will be giving you the right training to be able to do this I will even help you out with fabric suppliers, sundries etc

I want all my members to succeed and if you follow my training I guarantee you will succeed.

Over the course of the next 12 months I will be adding a minimum of 30 tutorials to the library possibly more I just dont want to over promise at the moment but rest assured they will keep coming and I will continue building the library into the 100s of models.

I have so much I want to teach you.

  • Patterning the most awkward of furniture
  • All the different styles and shapes
  • how to use your chair template for the matching sofa and cut them all out at the same time (huge time saver)
  • curved sofas
  • tub chairs
  • chaise longue

The models will keep on coming

BUT! Once the library starts to build my price will most definitely increase so I ask you to join NOW! and take advantage of this fantastic price of £39 per month plus VAT. Or if you are lucky you can grab it for £29 plus VAT.... Join now !

Most people charge upwards of £350 for a small 2-3 day course which chances are you will forget half of it once you walk out the door. My training is different I will walk you through every model and you will always have access while you are a member i urge you to grab it now while I am building "You will not regret it.

What are my credentials "well you can view my bio HERE!

I did a few calculations recently and I kind of worked out I have made over 25000 sets of covers in my 34 years of making them yes 25000 this is a very conservative estimate too it probably is much higher I used to make between 10-15 sets per week but more recently this is now 5-6 sets per week now I am into my 50s.

All the models available will be added into the library below