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I normally would ask questions to my members and put the answers on the blog. But I thought I would share these lovely words Frances shared on Facebook.

Thank you to Paul Sweeney for sharing your slipcover making skills. I used your method on these items and I am beyond thrilled. Yes, I did have the advantage of having these pieces with me during the process. By doing so, it gave me the opportunity to tweak areas and use that knowledge on the third piece of this set at its home. Thank you also to Slipcover Network for all your support and knowledge you all share to help us with our slipcover creativity.

Paul Sweeney, I love your method. I just wish I knew it years ago! The way I created slipcovers before was more draping. I'm definitely not one to wing things with other peoples fabric. With your method, I create a pattern and transfer it to the client's fabric without fear of cutting the clients fabric incorrectly. With your method, the only fabric I could destroy is mine!! Plus it’s easier if you are using a printed fabric.

Thank you for all your instructional videos. They are great!!

So very grateful for your knowledge.

Yes, of course, please do use my feedback.


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