Loose Cover Course its a thumbs up

What can I say?

gobsmacked is an understatement, just look at the quality of this cover made by Sonia. A really beautiful fabric to compliment the chair too.

This is the one of the reasons I love what I do when I see how easy my members pick up my learning style. I always teach on my videos like you are sat watching me (which you are really) I break every piece down so you can follow exactly like I do. Most tutorials are broken down into 6-7 small videos and I cover all aspects

  • How to cut the perfect template
  • How to transfer and cut out the fabric from the template
  • I explain how to sew the cover together
  • And if you ever need me you simply ask and I will answer

I asked Sonia a few questions

.How did you find the tutorial:

I found the tutorial easy to follow.

Each process was explained very clearly.

2.Have you made covers before:

I have made a few covers in the past but have always struggled to achieve a really good fit.

3.Would you do another tutorial:

Absolutely. I can’t wait to get started on the next tutorial.

4.would you recommend my training methods:


5.what experience do you have in sewing:

I have made lots of curtains, Roman blinds and cushions.

6.do you have a furnishing business, if not would you be tempted to start a business later in the course:

Yes I do have a soft furnishings business.

7. Do you think the tutorials are good value for money compared to other courses:

I do think they are value for money. Years ago I attended a four day course which cost a few hundred pounds. There was only enough time to focus on one chair but I didn’t feel any more confident afterwards.

8.Any other feedback:

I have searched for a loose cover training course a few times over the years without success. The one I attended about twenty odd years ago was about 190 miles away. I’m so excited about doing this course as it looks like it’s going to include quite a few different styles and shapes of furniture. I’ve been asked to make some covers for a Parker Knoll suite which I’ve noticed you are including in one of your tutorials so it should be good timing.