Welcome to all my new members taking advantage of the early bird membership deal.

Website officially launches 1st April you can expect fast tracking of all tutorials, forget 12 per month I am aiming big and I want to top 30 in the first 12 months and its all going to be for the same fantastic price early bird £29 per month or £39 per month for late comers. This is still exceptional value considering you can pay over £500 for a few days course. You will learn so much more on my course and the material will always be there for when you forget them little things.

Still time for new members to grab the early bird offer but you need to be quick! and remember if you are thinking of starting a new business or adding to an existing business then please email me with your working area because I am aiming big with my sites and hoping I can offer you a page on my site once you have completed a few projects.

Remember my promise? if you can sew I can teach you the art of loose cover slip cover making not just cover making but a level above cover making. My way will save you time and guarantee a perfectly fitted cover each and everytime.

No more pinning for hours or days on end my way is fast and accurate, you may of heard of the half pin method this is good but I have my own method which is even faster and more accurate but don't worry I will teach both and let you decide which you like the best.

2 Weeks left at early bird pricing hope you can join us

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